Allan Pettersson

Seven Sonatas for Two Violins (1951) read more

CD BIS 1028


James Dillon

Traumwerk (1995) - a film by Johan Ramström read more

DVD nosag 142

Violin duos 1

Violin Duos vol. 1

Works by Erika Förare, Werner Wolf Glaser, Anders Hultqvist, Gunnar Bucht read more

CD nosag 075

Violin duos 2

Violin Duos vol. 2

Works by Erika Förare, Håkan Larsson, Ingvar Karkoff, Kerstin Jeppsson, Peter Schuback read more

CD nosag 121

Violin duos 3

Violin Duos vol. 3

Works by Birgitte Alsted, Rolf Martinsson, Bernd Franke, Max Käck, Ingvar Karkoff, Olov Franzén read more

CD nosag 152

Violin duos 4

Violin Duos vol. 4

Works by Sanna Ahvenjärvi, Aron Hidman, Alexander Keuk, Johan Samskog, Tapio Lappalainen, Jonas Asplund read more

CD nosag 190

Violin duos 5

Violin Duos vol. 5

Works by Jacqueline Fontyn, Carin Bartosch Edström, Samuel Adler, Britta Byström, Marie Samuelsson read more

CD nosag 236

Violin duos 6

Violin Duos vol. 6

Works by Oleg Gotskosik, Cecilia Franke, Johan Ramström, Hans-Erik Dahlgren read more

CD nosag 181


Maderna Nono Netti

Works by Bruno Maderna, Luigi Nono, Giorgio Netti read more

CD nosag 240

Swedish Miniatures

Swedish Miniatures

From Peterson-Berger to Samskog read more

CD nosag 191


Resistance Resonance

Violin duos by 113 Composers Collective read more

New Focus Recordings FCR 291


Fredrik Hagstedt

Sinfonia per due violini read more

CD nosag 192


Olof Lindgren

Flammor vid fjällets fot read more

CD nosag 141


Justin Henry Rubin

Variations on Life and Loss

CD Centaur CRC 3618


Peter Lindroth

in our time...

CD Sterling CDM 3003-2


Justin Henry Rubin


CD MSR Classics MS 1398


Gunnar Bucht

Five decades

CD nosag 127


Hans-Erik Dahlgren

Sorgen och glädjen

CD 6001 Strömsunds kommun


Dieter Acker - Cantus gemellus

Distinguished Performers Series

Vienna Modern Masters VMM 2013

Lyrische Aspekte

Lyrische Aspekte unseres Jahrhunderts

Works by Othmar Schoeck, Ivan Wyschnegradsky, Allen Sapp, Willy Burkhard, Richard Strauss, Hanns Jelinek, Dieter Acker

Martin Gelland, violin, Lennart Wallin, piano

Vienna Modern Masters VMM 2017


I was so impressed by your grasp of Traumwerk in particular the fantasy of the work. It was chamber music playing as it should be, disciplined and spontaneous, intimate and yet generous. Your formal grasp of the work displayed an intricate sense of line and tone and an instinctive feeling for shape. James Dillon

For me, Cecilia and Martin Gelland belong to the most engaged and charismatic interpreters of contemporary music on the European arena. In common projects, their extremely professional attitude and their intelligent transformations of compositorial structures impressed me again and again. To this comes an unbelievable balance between clear analysis of the parameters at hand and an existentialistic power of interpretation which one very rarely experiences. Bernd Franke