Violin Duos vol. 2

more words than our mothers taught us

Kasëm Trebeshina (1955)

Erika Förare (född 1955)
Duo nr. 2 ”Elementi diversi in/via Mi” in modo di Miklós Maros (2002)
- Preludio: Deciso
- Allegro fluente
- Finale pentatonico: Naivo

Håkan Larsson (1959-2012)
När intet blir allt (2002)

Ingvar Karkoff (född 1958)
Largo (2004)

Kerstin Jeppsson (född 1948)
Al cielo (2001)
- Allegro risoluto
- Larghetto misterioso
- Leggiero curioso

Peter Schuback (född 1947)
del altro al altro per due violini (2001)

Denna CD produktion erhöll stöd från Statens kulturråd och Konstnärsnämnden.

nosag CD 121

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Duo Gelland makes a persuasive bid for a violin duo to be reckoned a viable medium for adventurous composers, and music for two violins must have enormous potential for advanced performance opportunities.
Peter Grahame Woolf, Musical Pointers

Kerstin Jeppsson - who studied with Maurice Karkoff - speaks of the three movements of her Canto cromàtico in imagery which relates it to the renewal of life in spring and summer, especially as reflected in garden birds and their song. But this is neither a piece of cosily whimsical onomatopoeia nor a Messiaen-like study. It is not in the actual sounds of bird-song that Jeppsson deals, so much as with deeper structures, with natural rhythms that lie outside the codes and structures of human music, yet must somehow be accommodated within them if we are to make them part of the art’s representation of the world we occupy. This is an interesting, sophisticated piece, in which I have found more with each hearing.
Glyn Pursglove, Musicweb International